Our Gem “Ms. Bejue”

Dear Scott,
The months, days and minutes led up to this moment when we had to let our Furry dear friend and beautiful sparkling Gem," Ms, Bejue" fly home...She fought with such tenacity, honor and class since her diagnosis with kidney and thyroid disease.
We deeply miss her but, without your sincere, kind, genuine heartfelt care we received from you Scott at Until We Meet Again I'm sure we would not have been able to feel such peace knowing Ms. Bejue was in such loving hands as she was released into her new home...
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts( Colleen and Sarah) for your sincere kindness ,dedication and true love of animals and humanity ...

McGiverin, Jun 2017

Our Miss Molly

A dear friend had suggested your wonderful service to us and we are grateful to all the staff who were so very kind and compassionate when our little Molly girl passed away. The entire process was handled with the utmost care and we thank you for that. What a wonderful group of people who helped us work through this difficult time.

The Lench family

The Lench Family, Jun 2017

Sir Tubbs Williams

We lost our beloved Tubbs on April 19 very unexpectedly. Tubbs came home to us a week to the day that we lost him. We want to say thank you for taking care of Tubbs during his last moments of physically being on earth. We are so grateful and pleased with his urn and the kind words that were included in the certificate of cremation. We were concerned who would be taking care of Tubbs but after reading about Until We Meet Again and him coming home our thoughts have been put at ease and we are confident that he was treated kindly. Thank you for being so caring and compassionate. It takes special people to do what you do. Deepest of gratitude.

-Rob and Sandra Williams

The Williams Family


Erin was exceptional helping me in my emotional state, and my family through such a fragile time. Alex and Erin were both so accommodating to our requests and handled our beloved Mojo gently with tremendous respect.
From the Paul family, thank you for your kindness and support, it truly made such a painful time a little easier.

Paul, Apr 2017


Please visit this link for a beautiful post a family had put on their blog in memory of their precious companion, Cricket.


My Boy

This was the 2nd time we used your services... the first time was not a Witness but a Private Cremation however chose Witness this time. Thank you for being able to accommodate an unexpected Witness Cremation. No words can express how we feel, we are grateful. The administration person was wonderful & the Cremationist did a great job with the processing. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Wong/Bryne, Jan 2017

My little one was treated with the utmost of care and respect

Kevin, once again I thank you and your staff for the way you helped me in dealing with the loss of my beloved Shandie. Her loss is one of the hardest things I've ever had to deal with and it was so comforting not having to go through it by myself. Eve was with me every step of the way and gave me so much support. Her gentle help allowed me to make the choices I needed to make and I appreciated her following up with me to see how I was doing afterwards. I know my little one was treated with the utmost of care and respect right up to the very end. She wasn't just a pet; she was a treasured family member who brought such joy into my life. It was reassuring to know that I was being helped by people who share the same feelings about their pets as I do. Thank you for helping make this difficult time a little less difficult.


I am eternally grateful

I have spoken to a few of you ladies from the day Mercedes passed away up until approx. 1 1/2 weeks later. I found it very difficult to speak clearly as I was so choked up with my little girl having to be let go.Actually, it just kills me inside as I miss her so much. In the brief conversations I did have I attempted to thank you all for you special handling of all the funeral services including my receiving Mercedes Spawter and her very special urn, the gold heart with the paw prints which represents that HUGE heart that she had and the impact that she had on so many peoples lives. I know she left her little prints on many hearts in her 13 1/2 yrs.. I was so blessed to have a special little girl like her who was so selfless, loving and never aggressive. For four pounds, this little Pomeranian was a super mouse. I wanted to thank you for all of you, your devotion to have and work in this type of business, your compassion, kindness, understanding and love that you put out there and I was one of the fortunate clients that experienced this of all of you, your outside service provides and your business in general. So here! I have been able to share with you how appreciative I am and you didn't even hear the tears or sniffles. I have spoken to various people through all of this and no one knew of your business. Believe me, I put it out there and will continue to. I hope that you have brochures/flyers out in every vet's office that you can as your service is what made my baby's passing the best that it could be. I now am in the midst of making a little memorial for her, you can see the pic I attached. It's still a work in progress but it is helping me to heal and so are all of you. I am eternally grateful for everything you have offered/provided to help me get through this trying time. You are all AWESOME ANGELS!!!


Your staff and business made it a lot easier

I would like to extend a huge thank you to the professionalism and care your staff at Until We Meet Again . My friend Bob Arai had his pet pass just a week before my kitty Sassy and used your services. Kelsey was answering all the questions I asked and was very caring during the whole process. She was helping even with arranging pick up the vet. As you know a pet is like a family member and it is not easy. But your staff and business made it a lot easier. I want to thank you all for your help. When we picked up Sassy, Eve was there to help us.

Todd, Yasuhiro & Leila, Mar 2014

For us, UWMA was a healing place

UWMA is a special place where pets and their people are treated with extraordinary respect and compassion at a time when hearts are fragile and broken. I don't know how the people who work there do their jobs every day without being swallowed up by the grief that walks through their doors, but every single person that we dealt with on the phone and in person was a sincerely loving and caring soul. They understood what we were going through because they have all lost furry children too. They were able to make us feel better even when we felt like there could be nothing that anyone could say or do to make us feel better. They clearly love animals and it shows in every thoughtful detail, from the way they handled our pets with dignity and gentleness the moment we arrived, to the paw print tissue paper that was carefully wrapped around each pet for the trip home. We recently lost three elderly pets within five months, and our experience of compassion and patience from UWMA was touching on each profoundly sad occasion. We found great comfort in meeting Kevin on the loss of our first pet, and seeing him waiting for us when we arrived back again and again to help us let go of our other pets. It was like seeing a supportive friend who we could truly trust with the ones most precious to us. His presence in our lives at these most sad and difficult times was something for which we are so incredibly grateful. For us, UWMA was a healing place. Their accommodation of witnessed cremations allowed us to release our beloved pets while keeping our promise to them that we would never leave them. Hopefully there will come a day when everyone in this type of business will treat deceased animals with the respect they deserve and that UWMA does, until then, it is comforting to know that there is at least one place that people can go with their loved ones that can be trusted completely.

Terri & Liam