For us, UWMA was a healing place

UWMA is a special place where pets and their people are treated with extraordinary respect and compassion at a time when hearts are fragile and broken. I don't know how the people who work there do their jobs every day without being swallowed up by the grief that walks through their doors, but every single person that we dealt with on the phone and in person was a sincerely loving and caring soul. They understood what we were going through because they have all lost furry children too. They were able to make us feel better even when we felt like there could be nothing that anyone could say or do to make us feel better. They clearly love animals and it shows in every thoughtful detail, from the way they handled our pets with dignity and gentleness the moment we arrived, to the paw print tissue paper that was carefully wrapped around each pet for the trip home. We recently lost three elderly pets within five months, and our experience of compassion and patience from UWMA was touching on each profoundly sad occasion. We found great comfort in meeting Kevin on the loss of our first pet, and seeing him waiting for us when we arrived back again and again to help us let go of our other pets. It was like seeing a supportive friend who we could truly trust with the ones most precious to us. His presence in our lives at these most sad and difficult times was something for which we are so incredibly grateful. For us, UWMA was a healing place. Their accommodation of witnessed cremations allowed us to release our beloved pets while keeping our promise to them that we would never leave them. Hopefully there will come a day when everyone in this type of business will treat deceased animals with the respect they deserve and that UWMA does, until then, it is comforting to know that there is at least one place that people can go with their loved ones that can be trusted completely.

Terri & Liam

Leaving no question unanswered

I feel compelled to write a commendation after receiving such exceptional service during my most difficult time of emotional turmoil. Frustrated spending many hours in tears searching the internet for pet cemeteries, not finding any in the Lower Mainland, I decided to research cremation for my cat of over 18 years. After several in depth telephone consultations with Kevin Woronchak of “Until We Meet Again” I made an appointment. Not only was Kevin very forthcoming with any information I required he also took a genuine interest in accommodating whatever option would work best for me. He patiently explained all the options and procedures, was flexible in arranging a time, and made appropriate suggestions such as the opportunity of adding a poem and favorite toy. Kevin certainly went above and beyond in every way. Once my friend and I arrived for the private witnessed cremation we were pleasantly surprised about the reflection room offering choices like writing a message on a river rock and a memorial wall with photos of your pet. Considering the fact that I am extremely uncomfortable with cremation, Kevin remained very professional and took his time explaining things to me leaving no question unanswered. This really helped calm my uneasy feelings about the process. I felt heard and understood because he actively listened to my story. He was very compassionate about my loss and also openly shared his family´s experience of losing several beloved pets recently. Even though it took us a few tries to obtain paw imprints in clay Kevin was genuinely caring and handled Mr. Sly very gently. Kevin truly offered a personalized, impressive service exceeding my expectations by far. I highly recommend this remarkable and inspiring company and would entrust any future pets to Until We Meet Again without hesitation. My Heartfelt thanks.


Thank you so much

Dear Kevin, Your Kindness, sincerity, patience and commitment to helping others are truly remarkable. I am so thankful that my goodbyes with monster were under the care of Until We Meet Again. You are an amazing person. Thank you so much for everything.


Thank you

The saddest days are those when one has to say good-bye to an animal friend. When this happens, the people at "Until We Meet Again" are there for me and this makes the biggest difference. I only wish I had found them earlier. In today´s world of scam artists and cons it is important to know who you can count on and, before I found the support of Kevin and Joanne, I made some regrettable mistakes. My name is Michelle Benjamin. I have been tending to the care of traumatized animals for 21 years. How these loved ones are cared for when the time comes for them to pass, is one of the most crucial parts of the work that I do, and I want people to know, I have been to the facilities provided by the people at "Until We Meet Again." I have met the folks there, and I have grown to appreciate them more than I can ever say ... what a difference this has made to me over the years - it means that I can rest assured. The service provided by "Until We Meet Again" is as good as it gets and the loved ones in my care are given every bit of respect that they deserve, as am I. Thank you Kevin and Joanne.


You provided the support I needed

I just want to thank you for the compassionate, sensitive and highly professional way in which I was treated on Tuesday. You provided the support I needed at a most devastating time and enabled me to bring Waldo back home, which was a comfort to me and to my family and I would like to think to him as well. I am most grateful.


Compassion, empathy and kindness

Kevin, I wanted to express to you how much your compassion , empathy and kindness will be forever valued. At a time of immense sadness and despair you provided relief.


Your kindness and professionalism was a genuine comfort

I just wanted to say thank you for your kindness and compassion in handling Sake's cremation. In what was a time of such shock and devastation for us, your kindness and professionalism was a genuine comfort and really helped us provide a loving closure to life with out our little pal.


Animals are part of peoples family

We really couldn't believe our luck that people like you exist, who understand that animals are part of peoples family and deserve to be cremated with dignity and respect. We absolutely loved the ritual of writing our thoughts about Ruff on a rock, as well as reading what others wrote about their beloved pets.

Jonathan and Natasha

They made a very difficult time so much easier

The ability to conduct a private witnessed cremation, and be involved with as much of the process as I wanted, enabled me to say goodbye in the way I needed to. They made a very difficult time so much easier, almost beautiful.


Thank you so much

I just today received the ashes of my beloved Buttons and just want to thank you and let you know how much your service means to me. She was my darling little girl for 20 years and certainly deserves a place in our home forever. I had no idea that a place such as your s existed, as I have never kept the ashes of any of my pets. It was a pleasant surprise to see how she was returned to me in the lovely urn, and the touching certificate, it is just beautiful and so reassuring to know that there are true animal lovers as myself and my family out there. Thank you so much again.