Couple years ago we meet this company at the Pet Expo. They were friendly and kind, also very helpful for the future of our pets.
When we lost our Bailey, we found out our vet was using them for our beloved Bailey’s cremation. We were happy to know our beloved Bailey was in good hands.
When we got her back, we read the little card that came with her. Our hearts felt better knowing our Bailey was respect and cared for even in death. Thank-you !


Thank you for all you do

Lily... no longer by my side but forever in my heart
Thank you Scott for your care & compassion. Until We Meet Again is absolutely the gold standard in companion aftercare!!


grateful beyond belief

Our beloved dog passed away and it completely rocked my family and I. From the second she passed all we wanted was for her to be back home with us. Scott's compassion and empathy for our pain was incredible. I couldn't sleep, eat or function until I had her home and he moved mountains to help us with that. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your efforts mean the world to us.


Thank you

My experience wasn’t direct. My best friend forever Bailey recently fell quickly ill and the hardest decision to lay her rest came. I have been a mess ever since the time to think about that decision. So the post care was arranged through my vets office with Until We Meet Again. It’s still extremely difficult losing my Bailey, she really was my fur baby and important part of my family. When Bailey’s ashes came home, I opened the box containing the urn and the certification card. When I read the card, the part where it said “utmost respect, dignity and compassion,” it really hit me emotionally but also, helped ease knowing that after she was rested, and no longer within my sight, she was still cared for, it meant a lot. Thank you for treating my Bailey with kindness and gentleness in a difficult time.


Milo’s mOm

Thank you from the bottom of our heart for everything you had done for our precious Milo. To us, Milo was our furry baby and it was very, very difficult to loose him. We are still learning how to live without him. Milo was our everything, our world. Milo was gentle and always faithful companion. He was our son. Thank you, Scott, for letting me see Milo one last time , it meant so much to me. Thank you for your compassion and all of your staff. Our precious Milo is missed so much it hurts. There aren’t enough words to describe how amazing, gentle, and calm our precious Milo was. Thank you so much for everything. Love Iveta, Tibor, Niki, Christine and rest of the family and friends who miss Milo as much as we do. I always said our Milo was our angel in fur and now he got his wings and is a real angel.🌈 Heaven is lucky to have our Milo as their Angel 🌈. Miss you so very much our baby Milo. Thank for 11 years of wonderful memories ❤️We all miss you so much it hurts. Love you up to the moon and back. 🌈It will be very hard to go on without you, our Baby Milo, but hopefully with time, it will get easier. We miss you so very much our precious baby Milo. Love you billions and more ❤️ Mommy, Daddy, Niki, Christine, Katherine, Emily and many, many more family and people who got to know how amazing you were from our walks and many trips we took. We love you so very much our Baby Milo💗. It’s so hard to go on living without you...we are lost without you our precious Milo. Billions of kisses and hugs. Love you baby Milo. See you in Heaven our precious 🌈😘❤️🦋🙏



Our sweet dog Bear of 14 years lost his battle with cancer recently at 5:40 in the morning and Erin looked after us with great compassion and care. She made a painful situation bearable . Thank you !

Steven Pacukiewicz

Personal + Touching support

We lost 3 furbabies in one year. Two of them were sudden and unexpected. When I needed to call and talk to someone about specifics not only was the lovely woman (so sorry, I can't remember her name) on the other end willing to listen, she thanked me for sharing! Awdree, Darce and Parker were returned to us in beautiful urns with perfect clay paw prints. Thank you UWMA!


Thank you

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking such good care of our cat Num-Num. We expected him to grow old and were so devastated that he passed. Exceptional compassionate service. The urn is beautiful, and his little paw imprints and fur clipping mean the world to my family. I am so glad you exist because it made dealing with his loss a bit easier.


Thank you for your compassion

We would like to thank you for your reassurance and compassion, and for treating our loved companion with care. Being able to speak with you personally gave us the assurances we needed during a very emotional time. Thank you again.


Great care

Thank you for providing us with such an amazing service and the closure our family needed. Professional and caring staff. Very nice place with a lot of privacy and lots of time to say goodbye to our precious pet. Thank you.