OUR Baby Malipooo Gibson

My 16 yr old Gibson body went from here August 31st. 11am ish.
He passed at 24 hr vet 3 days before with the help of an injection, because he was in pain from his internal kidneys shutting down.
I am happy I got private viewing and witness the placement of my Gibson into the chamber.
From beginning to end Scott was truly a star. His compassion is impressive.
He really helped the grieving process by his tone and sincerity.
Gibson was in the hands of love.
Thank you Scott.
I found such a release when he placed Gibson in the chamber so gently.
5 stars my friend.

Jones, Aug 2018

My Lucy, my gentle soul.

On August 11, 2018, I had to help my Lucy onto her last journey.
We had been together for over 9 years, 3306 days to be exact! and literally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Our longest separation was 6 hours when I had an allergic reaction and ended up in Emergency, just last month!
Lucy was only 10 years old when she passed away from an illness...
She suffered very little thanks to her terrific vets at Shaw and at the hospital and her illness was faitly short, I am very grateful for that.
I am also grateful for the beautiful, respectful, dignified way Until We Meet Again has treated her remains.
Lucy and I travelled all over BC on months long camping trips over the years, we hiked and walked and hung out at the beach or at home. We had so much fun together, and she helped me deal with my chronic pain condition, always being loving, gentle and careful.
I will miss my girl, her soft fur, her big brown eyes, her mischief, her kisses, with all my broken heart, until I see her again at the Rainbow Bridge.
Thank you "Until We Meet Again" for making Lucy's passing a bit easier on my heart and soul, and for the lovely paw print, fur card, certificate and beautiful cedar box her ashes came home in.
Thank you, lots of Love!
Isabelle & Lucy...

Prenat, Aug 2018

A Heartfelt thanks for your compassion and dedication…

A week ago today I wished my beloved border-collie cross Madison peace and love in her afterlife as I said my final goodbyes after 15 years together. In the days leading up to her passing, all my focus and attention was on her, with friends and family coming by to provide hugs, treats and support. But after she died and I was physically separated from her, I went into a panic; I had never spent more than a few nights away from her during our time together and now the rest of her end of life care was out of my hands. The next morning I called Until We Meet Again and spoke with Scott. Scott thoughtfully and gently explained the pick up, tracking process, cremation and delivery of her cremains. He invited me to visit the center and patiently answered all my questions, even when I asked them 3 times over, through tears. A few days later, Scott phoned me himself to let me know that Madison's cremains were ready for pick up at the clinic. Her urn was thoughtfully packaged and the certificate of cremation was also appreciated. I am so grateful for the peace and comfort that Scott was able to provide me with during one of the most painful experiences in my life. A heartfelt thanks to everyone at Until We Meet Again for your professionalism and dedication to this work and for treating both Madison and I with utmost compassion, dignity and respect.

Way, Kimberly, Jun 2018

Blessed and Grateful

Dear Scott,
We are so glad that our Mimi's memorial service was under your care,we believe Mimi is happy too !
Your presence,compassion and support gave us healing, Mimi has been our special friend for 20 years,she is so lovely,cute,smart and loyal. In my life,I have been betrayed by people,even by close relatives, but Mimi never let me down,her love for me is unconditional, she definitely deserves the best memorial service !
I've contacted some other services when Mimi was very weak but still alive,their replies didn't satisfy me at all,in fact their slow,unclear replies just wasted the time in such overwhelming moment.
I eventually found ''Until We Meet Again'' after Mimi passed away....
Having read the heartbreaking story of the founder and their loved ones......I feel so sad for them,especially when I saw the photo of their precious cat Patches,I knew this is it,this is the service we were looking for,because Patches looks just similar to Mimi ! They are both Japanese bobtail.
The website is detailed,well organized ,you spent time with us to plan the whole service ,and things can be quite flexible to meet our concerns in many ways.
We truly appreciate you,we feel blessed and grateful,we will cherish this family day in our heart forever !
It can't be done without your thoughtfulness,because without your help,I definitely won't be able to finish the musical slide show in time,and it won't be a lovely sunshine family day. Feb 12 2018
Special thanks to Niamh and Kelsey for funneling Mimi's ashes into her princess urn.
May God bless all staffs in this center,each staff is important,to make such an unforgettable moment possible.
I just love those memorial candles in the cremation room;Mimi's paw print is so cute and beautiful ,I was surprised by the nice white metal case of the paw print(included with the paw print),which came with a neat,white paperboard package,and has a rounded window for displaying the paw print,also a hole on the case for people to hang it...
We love the white princess urn,which symbolizes our beloved princess.
Please let Kevin & Joanna know that they have changed the world,I'm happy for those who live in Vancouver island(where the new branch is),their loved one will find serenity, dignity,compassion in the end, and this''end'' is also a ~
Beginning of the ''countdown'' of their ''meet again''.

God bless
Mary & Jack

Mary & Jack, Mar 2018


I lost my sweet Georgia on Tuesday after a year and a half battle with her having cancer, Tuesday was by far the hardest day of my life, after spending 13 incredible years with Georgia it's difficult adjusting without her, Scott has been amazing, so thoughtful and caring and has truly made this experience easier (as easy as this tough time can be) Thank you so much to everyone that has helped there, your staff is truly incredible, it was easy to leave Georgia in such caring hands! I look forward to getting her back today and to have her urn and paw print as soon as they come in.

mel and ryan van baal, Feb 2018

Our ANGEL Joseph aka Joe

Our dear Joe was taken away from us suddenly and tragically one week ago. We took our boy to the animal emergency hospital so they could transfer Joseph to you for a private cremation. When I picked Joseph up to bring him home, I was so overwhelmed with the beautiful way you honored him. His beautiful name engraved wooden box and his special paw print. All of which were wrapped up in lovely boxes. Over the years when my family has had to mourn the loss of one of our furry angels we always have them cremated through you. We have Joseph on our table displayed with picture, box and paw print where he is part of our lives each day. Thank you again.

Beckerley family, Oct 2017

My amazing little princess

I was glad to get her ashes back so quickly ....she was my special girl as she fought through two strokes and lived to be 11.....I remember how tiny she was when I got her all 1.5 lbs of her..it was a great loss to me as she died exactly one month to the day my grandfather passed. Guess they were meant to be together

Zoey, Aug 2017

Our Beautiful Boy, Diesel

On Friday, we brought our beautiful yellow labrador Diesel to Until We Meet Again for our final goodbye. Overcome with grief because of our unbearable loss, we were greeted by Erin who might as well have been wearing a white robe, wings & halo as she was like an angel...loving, patient, compassionate, healing and comforting with her soft spoken voice and gentle touch. Both Erin and Alex treated Diesel with the utmost respect and dignity. They also never forgot for a moment how broken we were being there and treated us with that same respect and dignity. We are forever thankful and will always remember the kindness and the loving care.

Pamela & Benjamin, Aug 2017


We are forever grateful for the service received from Until We Meet Again during the time of our loss. The services are carefully planned and carried out. Erin, who we dealt with, was most kind and helpful. We could not imagine a better service available, or a service better carried out, or a person better suited than Erin to deal with us during the time of our need, thank you Erin; Sharon & Gabe

Puffy, Jul 2017

Our Gem “Ms. Bejue”

Dear Scott,
The months, days and minutes led up to this moment when we had to let our Furry dear friend and beautiful sparkling Gem," Ms, Bejue" fly home...She fought with such tenacity, honor and class since her diagnosis with kidney and thyroid disease.
We deeply miss her but, without your sincere, kind, genuine heartfelt care we received from you Scott at Until We Meet Again I'm sure we would not have been able to feel such peace knowing Ms. Bejue was in such loving hands as she was released into her new home...
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts( Colleen and Sarah) for your sincere kindness ,dedication and true love of animals and humanity ...

McGiverin, Jun 2017