Online Memorials


2007 - 2023

Sweet Sophie was born march 15, 2007. As a seal bi-colour kitten, she was darling right from the start. She joined her brother Ollie, from a previous litter, creating quite the dynamic household. While she was so incredibly playful, she never once caused any trouble. For most of her life, she and Ollie were never apart - Quite the duo. But despite her being the quieter and littler of The two, she often acted like the protector of the house. Upon ollie’s passing though, she really came out of her shell and enjoyed ruling the house. “Her highness” as we called her. More than anything, she loved her heated bed, movie nights in bed with mom, jumping on mom to play, Fish fresh from the oven, doing the classic ragdoll flop, and drinking water from a cup on the kitchen counter. No amount of time with her would have ever been enough. She will be so dearly missed by her family and is so dearly loved. Rest easy, sweet Sophie cat. Until we meet again.