Online Memorials


2004 - 2024

My dear princess has gone to join her brothers, Neo and Sonny on the rainbow bridge, the heavenly garden, to play with them once more. Princess showed her two brothers who was boss, but ultimately, they all got along with each other. From the time Princess was born to the end, she lived a long, loving, safe and caring home with me. I still look at my bed to see if she's there. Princess liked to try whatever I was eating. We spent many valuable days and nights together when she would sleep beside me as her brother, Neo, would be sleeping in my elbow all cuddled up. She faced some challenges, was diagnosed with kidney disease, but a year later, was still in the same stage 2. She is strong and independent and yet so affectionate. When she was younger, she licked my face and fingers almost to say thank you. She made me realize how strong I felt for her and her brothers, living so long. All the love in the world doesn't describe my commitment, loyalty and affection for them. Princess truly stood out with me as she made it easier to miss her brothers. Although I didn't want to say goodbye, she knew and loved me back with her loving eyes. I will always love and miss you, Princess, Neo and Sonny.