Online Memorials



Firu was a mixed-breed dog that I adopted in 2017 while I was in Colombia. Being from Colombia, I was familiar with the abundance of street dogs struggling to survive day by day. One day, while walking in a small Colombian town, Firu approached me, and I immediately fell in love with him. Unfortunately, he was already an adult and had hip dysplasia, likely from being hit by a car. Despite his condition, I rescued him and dedicated myself to giving him the best life possible.

Eventually, Firu moved with me and my husband to Vancouver. Firu lived in Vancouver for 3 years until a month ago when he lost a battle with spleen cancer. It was and still is a painful moment for us. He was not only our best friend but also our family in Canada. Thanks to him, we met a lot of people, were more active outside, and had a beautiful furry son to take care of and be hopeful about the future. We really wanted him to spend more time with us in our life in Canada, for our children to meet him. But life, unfortunately, sometimes is unfair, and now we are living through a very painful loss. THANKS TO UWMA FOR BEING RESPECTFUL WITH HIM DURING HIS PRIVATE CREMATION. THIS MEANS A LOT TO US AS HE DESERVED, UNTIL THE VERY END, TO BE TREATED AS SUCH!

Despite this, I wanted to share some photos of this incredible angel that heaven is gaining. Te amo Firu, te amo por siempre!!