Online Memorials



It is with heavy heart and many a tear that I write to let you know that our precious Diva passed away on Wednesday, February 25, 2015. Her size was as great as her heart and she shared her gentleness with all she met whether they be 2-legged or 4-legged. That doesn't mean that she wasn't particular, if she felt you were not worthy of her or her friends, she was more than capable of making her point very clear. Her grace and stature turned many heads whether they were walking or even driving. Her demeanour drew to her those that were otherwise unlikely to even have ever thought they would be comfortable enough to approach a dog of any size let alone Diva’s grandness. She was unbelievable and never ceased to amaze me how gentle she was with children and how many were so anxious to spend time with her.

Thank you for receiving her with such kindness and for all the petting, hugging, walking, honking, gifts and of course the treats, oh how she knew exactly where you were hiding 'the treats'. Her knack of sneaking up behind you and removing your glove from your hand with her tiny front teeth was something beyond imagination … unless you experienced it it was truly amazing. It was especially heartwarming to watch her delight when she would see you and if you were with your 4-legged darlin’ coming toward her … her tail a-wagging, her ears perked and a glitter in her eyes. And one of her most signature qualities, though to many not so much a quality, was her ‘gel’ and she was never in short supply of it and if you were lucky enough she shared it with you.

She really was a special girl, truly a DIVA … wasn't she?

The void she leaves will never be filled and our world will never be the same. My only prayer now is that there better be a Rainbow Bridge so I know that she and our beloved Shamus are together and waiting.

God Bless you and thank you again for making Diva's world a wonderful world.
Emily & Allan