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2002 - 2023

Good bye my friend...
March 09, 2023 @ 542 pm i had to kiss my best friend and say good bye. Chance... i loved you since the first time i met you in the rescue. You were only six months old and already had a rough start to life. I made sure i was the first person waiting in line on adoption day, i was determined i was bringing you home even tho it meant waiting outside at -30 @ 6 am. Then when i had you for a year i got you a buddy, Mr. Wiggles. I was always amazed at how you could out run and out walk anyone! It seemed nothing would slow you down, but seems 19 years of age changed all that. Everyone would comment on how you pranced when you walked, it was your favourite thing to do... right to the very end. Chance, i always said that you and i were of the same soul... now a large part of me is missing. But it makes me happy to know you are able to run again, even if Mr. Wiggles is barking at you to slow down. Chancey, you never let me out of your site, i stared into your eyes until the very end. Run my little man and know you will always and forever have my love.