Online Memorials

Tiberius “the Stoic”

2012 - 2022

Tiberius Maximus Moore, Destroyer of Dandelions, The stoic boy of our hearts.
Our lives will never be the same without you. You will be missed every day.
02/14/12 to 10/16/22


My heart hurts, my eyes sting, and my spirit feels hollow
But when I think of you, I do feel joy and a swelling pride
You were not long with us, but your boundless love was unrivaled
The memories of you, of the antics and games you played, they live on in my memories
Though my heart is heavy and my tears flow like cascading falls
I shall always keep you in my heart.
For your soul lives on now entwined within mine
You shall never be forgotten
You will always be remembered
You shall always be loved
You shall forever more reside in the halls of Valhalla
We will be together again.
Till the end of the universe
My little Stoic Boy!