Online Memorials

Pallodin (Bubs)

2004 - 2019

Precious were simply the best! You were the most precious being who has ever come into our lives. You came into our family during a dark time and completely turned it around. Oh those cuddles, kisses, and dances were so appreciated and loved. It was so fun when you'd make your bed with such enthusiasum and energy. You use to try to dig yourself into people's sides when they were sitting on the couch with you which sure made everyone laugh. Pally you sure loved your massages and make your rounds to different people to get as many massage as possible. My favorite Pally behaviour is when I had my back to you while on the computer and you would talk and then put your paw on my back as if to say "get off that thing I'm here and I want you to play". I loved the conversations we use to have when I would ask you questions!
You were such a brave little dog who battled bladder cancer for over three years. It was both fun and heartbreaking to take you to Calgary twice for treatment. The plane sure wasn't you favorite part and undergoing the treatment wasn't pleasant. However, staying in that lovely family hotel was so much fun and everyone there just loved you so. We took you everywhere with us when we explored the city. You looked so wonderful in your red snowsuit as we went out in the cold.
The house is so quiet now without you beautiful boy. We miss everything about you so much that it hurts terribly. However, my precious Pally we know that you are free of pain and are enjoying yourself like you did when you were with us.
Hannah, Rachel, and I will hold you forever in our hearts and we know that we will meet you again our Bubs. We love to the moon and back for forever and beyond precious Pally .............xoxoxoxoxoxox momma!