Online Memorials


2008 - 2020

Where do I begin - I love you, love you, love you OJ, my whispers in your ear and kisses on your nose
Your captivating big brown eyes and a big smile, I could never say no to
Your passion, enthusiasm, determination, your big heart, dedication, sensitivity and unconditional love, I will never let go of
Your favourite "S's" splish splash swims, stones, swings, squirrels, squires and smooches rocked your world
And now that you've gone to meet the love of your life, the 1.8 lb chihuahua, your Miss Mishi, your boys a 5 lb pomchi Louis, and 5 lb morkie Morti will carry on your legacy in our family and neighbourhood.
And me, my sweets, I think of you every day and I am grateful for having the 11 years with you. I miss you!!!
You loved your life and I loved mine with you in it. Rest in Peace my OJ until we meet again