Online Memorials


2007 - 2022

Majestic Marlay (24th May 2007 - 9th October 2022). you'll always be remembered. After 2 weeks of thinking whether i should write this or not and lots of tears and a neverending heartache, i am writing this. You came to our lives and loved us unconditionally. You accompanied us to Canada when we immigrated and did not let us feel down ever since we came here in 2010. we did not feel even once that we are out of place and not in our our comfort zone. we did not walk you but you walked us be it rain or snow or shine. Mom, Dad and big brother will always love you. Now you go play with the pet friends that we were blessed with, say my hi to Sara, Joan, Fang, Rufuss, Fraser, and the others in my doggy team. My little angels. I will pray to the creator to let me see you when my time is up. Till then enjoy with your friends. Love you always- Big Brother.