Online Memorials


2006 - 2019

Life will never be the same. We had the best time together and I thank you for the unconditional love you gave to me. I don’t care how many shoes you chewed, chocolate bars you stole, toys you destroyed, the list goes on. You always made me melt when you gave me those puppy dog eyes. I could never be mad at you. I will miss the most .. coming home to you and having you always run to greet me at the door, your tail wagging, hitting the wall so hard because mommy was home. I left you for long hours well at work sometimes and i felt so guilty, but this was our life. You and me , together ♥️ Our adventures live on in my heart and you have left an imprint on me and many others. Your beautiful eyes i looked into one last time, touching your soft fur, holding your paw , and hearing your last breath. It was peaceful just as you deserve Miss Lola. Rest in peace and fly on my girl 🐾🙏🏻 xo