Online Memorials


2006 - 2023

To the best" best friend a man could ever ask for and have. Char Char, you gave our family the absolute greatest 15 years we could ever ask for. I hope, in return, we were able to provide you with love, comfort, safety, and companionship. It was so hard for you the past couple of years, but you were such a trooper to the very end. All of us, especially colby, are going to miss you so very much, but I take solace that you are no longer struggling. Letting you leave was such a hard decision for me, but i now know it was the best one for you. Look for Duke once you've crossed the rainbow bridge. Your big brother will be waiting for you and will guide and take care of you, just like before. run lots, chase squirrels and postal workers, bark like crazy, and jump up and steal food when nobody is watching. Charlie, we will never forget you and will always love and cherish each and every moment we were so fortunate to have shared with you from May 23, 2008 to May 1, 2023. we were so blessed to have had you in our lives and for being such a big part of our family. char char, we all love you lots and will never ever forget you.