Memorial Products

*For product pricing, please contact your veterinary hospital.

Cedar Latch Urn

The classic cedar latch urn is a timeless way to preserve treasured keepsakes’ and remember your loved one.

Your beloved pet will be placed in a soft silk pouch, which is then placed in the Cedar Latch Urn.

Please note that the size of the urn is automatically chosen.

URW005S – Small (3 1/2″h x 3 8/9″w x 5 1/3″d)
URW005M – Medium (3 1/2″h x 3 5/6″w x 8 1/4″d)
URW005L – Large (4″h x 3 5/6″w x 8 2/7″d)
URW005XL – Extra Large (4 5/8″h x 6 1/9″w x 10″d)