Kevin & Joanna, Founders

Kevin & Joanna started Until We Meet Again in 2006. Their journey began after the tragic loss of 3 beloved pets. Joanna and Kevin were left with nowhere to turn as it was a weekend and no pet crematoriums open. It was through the difficult grieving process that followed, Joanna believes they found the inspiration to help others. Since that time, Joanna & Kevin have created something truly unique. Until We Meet Again is a full service pet memorial center which is dedicated to the respectful care of all pets and committed to providing grief support and education for pet parents and pet health care providers. Kevin and Joanna live in North Vancouver BC with their 3 sons, 2 dogs and 2 cats. When not working at UWMA, Kevin is a career fire fighter and Joanna enjoys spending time with their family.

Kelsey Speck (Office Manager)

Kelsey, North Vancouver Office and Facility Manager

Kelsey has been an administrative assistant at UWMA since April 2013 and office manager since February 2015. She has experience in the veterinary field, as she used to work in an emergency clinic for many years. When not busy at work, Kelsey enjoys spending time with her friends and family – as well as her fur babies, Daphnea (grey tabby), Abby (Rottweiler), Malcom (brown tabby)and Nick (lovebird).


Guy, CSR

Guy is one of the longest standing employees at UWMA. He is dedicated and his friendly & compassionate nature makes him a joy to be around.


Iain, CSR

Iain has been a transportation employee at UWMA since July 2012. Currently, he does not have any pets, but he is a true dog lover at heart; though, cats are rapidly winning him over. A self-described sports fanatic, Iain is an avid soccer player. When not at work or on the field, he can be found enjoying a glass of red wine with his lovely wife, Roxanne.


Gareth, Cremation Technican

Gareth has been with Until We Meet Again for less than six months but has been a wonderful addition to our team. When Gareth is not at work, he is hanging out with his wife Jessica, son Mason and furry companions Salem, Abbigale and Maisy.


Scott, Family Care

Scott is a part of our family care team and has been since December 2015. Scott strives to make sure each family has a wonderful experience as they remember their companion. He is very compassionate and enjoys hearing the stories behind each pet that comes into our care. When Scott isn’t hard at work, he can be seen on the soccer field or hanging out with his three amazing children!



Ray has been a part of Until We Meet Again for many years. He is a big part of EcoMed but also occasionally helps with cremations and driving. Ray has a big heart and is willing to help anyone in need. Ray is an avid sailor and enjoys being a part of different regattas on the weekends. He also enjoys staying active by cycling or running; although, he enjoys down time with his wife, Kathy and two fur babies.


Kirstie, Family Care

Kirstie has been with Until We Meet Again since June 2016. She has a few years of experience working at a couple different local veternarian clinics as a veterinary assistant. Kirstie is a hard worker and puts a lot of effort into the work that she does. When Kirstie is not at work, she be found hanging out with her three canine family members Rascal, Toshi and Toblerone.


Niamh, Operations

Niamh has been with us since November 2016. She moved to Canada in May 2016 from Ireland. In her spare time, she likes to draw or paint, keep in touch with her friends and family from Ireland and spend time with Mellissa and her 3 cats, Quentin, Jude and Autumn.


Erin, Memorial Centre Coordinator

Erin has been with Until We Meet Again – Victoria since October 2016. Erin truly enjoys bringing peace of mind to all families that come to us. When Erin is not at work, she is busy wrangling and playing with her three daughters, Avery, Emma and Isla or hanging out with her husband, Dallas.


Alex, Operations Manager

Alex has recently moved from Ontario to manage our new Victoria Centre, He brings with him 15 years of pet aftercare experience and is a Certified Crematory Operator. Alex is experienced in all aspects of the pet aftercare. In his spare time Alex and his wife Wendy will be exploring and experiencing all that Vancouver Island has to offer with their Labradoodle Maddie in tow.


Travis, CSR/Operations

Travis moved to Canada from South Africa and shortly after arriving in Canada, he became a part of the Until We Meet Again team in May 2016. Travis is a very dedicated staff member and always comes to work with a positive attitude and a smile on his face. When not at work, Travis can be seen hanging out with his roommate or his close family that live in North Vancouver.


Jessica, CSR

Jessica rejoined the Until We Meet Again team in November 2017. Jess gets along with everyone and is always willing to help someone out. If she isn’t at work, she can usually be found on a softball field or hanging out with her other half, Annika.


Hayley, Operations/Family Care

Hayley rejoined Until We Meet Again in the beginning of December 2017. Hayley has quite a few years experience working at a veterinarian clinic so she comes to the industry with a lot of knowledge. Hayley is a very hard worker & a great addition to the team! In her past time, she is usually hanging out with her friends, her boyfriend or furry friends, Kenni & Rupert.

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